Final Customer Packaging

The package containing the purchased product the final customer receives in exchange for payment.

Former Customers

Consists of those who have formerly had relations with the marketing organization, typically through a previous purchase, but have not purchased from the marketer within a certain timeframe.

Potential Customers

Those who have yet to purchase but possess what the marketer believes are the requirements to eventually become a customer.


A person or organization that a marketer believes will benefit from the products offered by the marketer’s organization and includes Existing Customers, Former Customers and Potential Customers.

Good Customers

Those who hold the potential to undertake activities offering long-term value to an organization that not only includes purchasing products but also providing additional support for the marketer (e.g., offer feedback, act as word-of-mouth advertisers)

Customer Contact Points

The different methods a customer uses to communicate with a company such as in-person, by telephone, over the Internet, etc.

Customer Service

Activities used by the marketer to support the purchaser’s experience with a product such as training, repair and complaint resolution.

Existing Customer

Those who have purchased or otherwise used an organization’s goods or services, typically within a designated period of time.