Business Equipment Sales

A type of new business development primarily found in industries where profits come from the sale of supplies and services that support a main product (e.g., business equipment) and where salespeople focus on getting buyers to purchase the main product.

Sales Lead

A person or organization exhibiting key characteristics that suggest to a salesperson that further information gathering is warranted in order to determine (i.e., qualify) whether they are a sales prospect.

Sales Promotion

Promotional methods using short-term techniques to persuade members of a target market or distribution channel, generally through an incentive, to respond or undertake certain activity.

Sales Prospect

Potential customers who meets the requirements of a qualified sales lead and who a salesperson now targets for a sales call.

Sales Support

A category within personal selling that includes those who primarily assist with the selling effort such as Technical Specialist and Office Support Personnel.

Push Money (also Sales Incentives)

A form of trade sales promotion offering incentives to a channel member’s sales force and customer service staff to help sell more of the marketer’s product.

Qualified Sales Lead

Sales leads that have been evaluated and are determined to meet the requirements to be a sales prospect.

Consumer Sales Promotions

Sales promotions that are primarily directed at the final consumer normally in the form of an incentive to make a purchase or undertake some other activity.