New Task Purchase

A type of business purchase decision faced by buyers considering an important purchase but one the buyer has never or rarely made before and, consequently, will devote considerable time evaluating alternatives.

Purchase Situation

A component of the external influences on consumer buying behavior that represents the circumstances, such as environment, emotional state or time pressure, a person is experiencing when faced with a purchase decision.

Consumer Purchase Decisions

General term referring to types of decisions facing consumers when they make purchases which include: Minor New Purchases, Minor Re-Purchases, Major New Purchases and Major Re-Purchase.

Major New Purchase Decision

Type of consumer purchase decision considered to be the most difficult since these are important to the consumer but the consumer has little or no previous experience making these decisions.

Minor New Purchase Decision

Type of consumer purchase decision that involves the purchase of something new to a consumer but in the customer’s mind is not a very important purchase in terms of need, money or other reason.