External Forces

Factors considered outside the control of marketers but that potentially influence marketing decision-making and include demographics, economic conditions, governmental environment, influential stakeholders, cultural and social change, innovation and competitors.


From a marketers perspective, consists of all people and/or organizations possessing the necessary qualification for making a purchase or otherwise developing a relationship with the marketer.


The internal processing of stimuli (e.g., advertisements) that shapes how a person sees themselves and the world they live in.

Reseller Network

The collection of resellers such as retailer, wholesalers and industrial distributors, who provide services that assist the marketer in reaching their final customer.

Target Markets

Key component of the marketers toolkit that represents decisions on the strategies and methods needed to select customers who will be the focus of an organizations marketing efforts.


Key component of the marketer’s toolkit that represents decisions on the methods (e.g., advertising, personal selling, public relations) and strategies needed to communicate with a target market.

Technical Specialists

A sub-category of the sales support sales classification that consists of those who offer expertise to assist other salespeople in the selling process.

Account Management

A sub-category of the order getter sales classification in which salespeople are responsible for all aspects of building customer relationships from initial sale through to follow-up account servicing.

Contractual Wholesaler

Wholesale format represented by a distributor that brings together and manages many independent retailers within a contractual arrangement.