Key component of the marketer’s toolkit that represents decisions on the methods (e.g., advertising, personal selling, public relations) and strategies needed to communicate with a target market.

Technical Specialists

A sub-category of the sales support sales classification that consists of those who offer expertise to assist other salespeople in the selling process.


Characteristics of a product that offer functional and/or psychological benefits to a customer.

Market Research Distributors

Companies that function as intermediaries in the research market by acquiring access to information, such as research reports, from producers of the research (e.g., market research companies) and then selling this information to those seeking research (e.g., marketer developing a new product).

Mom-and-Pop Retailer

Retail format represented by a small, individually or family owned and operated outlet that generally services a local community often with a high level of service but relatively small product selection.

Promotion Mix

The general name give to the four major methods marketers have for promoting their products that include advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations.


A business classification that includes resellers who, in general, obtain products from suppliers in order to sell to the final consumer.

Digital Convergence

A growing trend for using computer technology to deliver media programming and information, thus allowing media from one type of outlet (e.g., newspaper) to take advantage of features and benefits offered through other media outlets (e.g., Internet).

Business-to-Business Selling

A type of account management selling where salespeople sell products to be used by a business and do so with the intention of being involved in additional transactions as the relationship between the buyer and seller grows.